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Copyright © 2001,2002 eyeonsecurity Inc., All Rights Reserved. No portions of eyeonsecurity may be used without express, written permission - Good content.

Security Writers Guild - Great Site with a huge up-to-date tutorial section and a nice forum.

SecurityFocus - The best allround security site. Very organised. I'm always connected to this site :)

Packetstorm - I like this one as well.

SlashDot - News for geeks.

ThinkGeek - Buy your geeky shirts and stuff from here. - A friend of mine's site .. this guy released some interesting advisories.

Security Union - another good resource

Help Net Security - a huge security archive and news site.

The hacker's choice - A hacker's group website - they released some of the best pen-testing tools around including THC-Scan

Phrack - The legendary ezine. Been on since the 80's .. and still alive. - The name says it all :)

Tech-Bytes - well written articles which provide interesting reading for newbies - my other site (with forever failure's contribution)

Tlsecurity - a huge archive of backdoors, exploits and tools

Black Cat Virii Group Network - Some real talented people behind this website.

Hacker Gurus - Educating people in computer security

Hacker Pics, Pictures, Photos, Photographs - well .. you know what its all about :) Pictures of ledgends in the computer/communications/security history.

InfoSec News - Just what the name says :-) a good resource

Stay Invisible - anonymity site. Has a list of proxy servers and some tips. might come in handy :)

SecureRun Labs - a new and upcoming site with some original content