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Bypassing JavaScript Filters – the Flash! Attack
A previously unpublished way to inject CSS (Cross site scripting) attack on Web Applications which allow Flash content. Many sites may currently be vulnerable to this kind of attack.

Extended HTML Form Attack
A new Cross Site Scripting attack which effects (at least) major browsers Internet Explorer and Opera. This one makes use of forms targeted at non-HTTP services.

Microsoft Passport Account Hijack Attack
An analysis of the Microsoft Passport, describing a Cross Site Scripting attack, and how it may allow malicious users to jump from one service to another using other user's credentials.

When your server ends up a Warez site
A paper describing ftp scans by warez dealers, methods and trends in the community.

An analysis of JB's Anti-GRC worm
A study of an IRC worm which uses an exploit in Internet Explorer. Describes how the virus writer chose to launch a DDoS through this worm.